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What a typical
pani puri
lover wishes?

Since, pani puri is the ultimate love for all the Indians, they seek for just three things in it:

1. Taste
2. Hygiene, and
3. Quality

and all this is perfect to make a pani puri lover’s day!

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What we Offer
 about panipuri image


Panipuri is, no doubt, the national savoury street food for Indians loved by one and all! They leave no chance to grab a panipuri thela and eat plates of it!
But do all pani puri vendors maintain hygiene? Do they wear gloves? Do they use pure water or what about the quality of ingredients they have? Are they aware of how much harm are they causing to the environment by using plastic and thermo-col plates? Let’s talk a bit about it.

The traditional Panipuri system?

Panipuri has been our all time favourite and it’s no surprise, the moment we catch the sight of a pani puri vendor, we run to have one.
But what do we notice there?
A man with no gloves, a pot full of ‘not-so-pure’ water and stale potato stuffings for pani puri! All this, because the traditional pani puri vendors still stick to the primitive practices.
In fact, we also are ready to compromise with a ’no customisation’ system with zero variety in the flavours because we can’t be stopped to have our pani puri.
However, we wish for something more!

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What’s the story of automatic nozzles?

This is an innovative way of serving the panipuris with an absolute hygiene.
The already prepared 7 different flavoured pani are stored in containers and are connected to a pump which circulates pani through automatic nozzles.
There are 7 separate nozzles for each variant. The nozzles are fitted with automatic sensors that detect the panipuris when taken near them. As such, they release a fixed amount of flavoured pani. Now since the nozzles have already been set with a definite quantity, there’s no chance of over filling. This, in turn, helps the customers to fill the puris with pani on their own.

What we do

Our Aim & Story behind E-Panipuri Cart

We aim at providing our customers an absolute sense of satisfaction with 100% purity without compromising with the taste, quality or hygiene!

Our Vision

To make panipuri the major street food brand Nationally & Globally. Recognisation as a complete food item.


Encouraging Women, Student Entrepreneurship.

First to Market

Modernization & Customization of street food sector.


Changing the face of street food sector.


Social awareness of Hydiene & Food safety in street food sector.


We provide what traditional vendors don’t care about:

"And most importantly, we don’t use plastic or thermo-col plates!"
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